AN INDIAN ELECTRICAL ENGINEER, Certified by the Civil Defence, is required, with suitable experience. An Electrical foreman is required with a Qatari driving licence and suitable experience. Plumbing technicians with suitable experience required. Contact: 70204767.

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    1) Good Knowledge and experience of HV, MV & LV substation engineering for various equipment’s, designing, sizing / calculations of CT / PTs, transformers, circuit breakers, cables, bus bar, bus ducts, power factor correctors etc. and engineering drawings for SLDs, protection schemes, logic diagrams, shop drawings, equipment layouts, cabling, grounding & lightning protection and lighting layouts advantageous.
    2) I have knowledge and experience in front of end design and detail engineering for electrical transmission and distribution of 13.8KV, 33KV, 66KV, 133KV
    3) Experience in switchyard design, equipment layouts, grounding & lightning protections, of 66KV, 133kV & 220kV and Cabling & OHTL route selections, OHL take off arrangements, valley crossings, road crossings and tower / OHL crossings etc.
    4) I have knowledge and experience in MV, LV Distribution substation calculations, estimation, designing and equipment’s designing such as Standby Diesel Generator, Transformers, Switchgears, (RMU’s), motors, MDB, DP, EDP, ELP, UPP, PP, LP, MCC, MCP, EMCP, DC S/Gears. grounding & lightning protection and lighting circuits etc.
    5) I have good Knowledge and experience of LV(Power electronics) engineering for preparing engineering sizing specifications for various equipment’s, for example of UPS up to 300kva, ECB (emergency central battery), Frequency converter 60Hz to 400 Hz, VFD, soft starters, inverters etc.
    6) I have good knowledge and experience of weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly operation & maintenance of all electrical and electronics equipment i.e. transformers, RMUs, Switchgears, PFCs, MDB & MCCB, Motors, Generators, UPS, Inverters, power and control automation panels etc.
    7) I have good knowledge and experience of control automation, ladder logic and PLC control for electrical and electronics systems
    8) I have good knowledge of (ELV) low current system i.e. CCTV, MATV, Fire alarm, Access control, Public address, Clock system, Communication, EIB system, BMS, FM-200 (single hazard panel), Anti-theft system, BAS, Signaling etc.
    9) I have good knowledge and experience of ELV for RF, RT, VHF, UHF sets and their distributions.
    10) I have good knowledge of scrutiny / evaluation of tendering documents i.e. BOQ, Bidding, drawings and schedules etc


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